Monday, February 21, 2011

Cream Puff

250ml water
125gm flour
a pinch of salt (if using salted margarine,don't put any salt)
100gm margarine/butter
3 numbers of eggs
1tbs Castor sugar


1. Boil water, Castor sugar and margarine
2. Once those mixture boiling, add in flour
3. stir it until the mixture cooked
4. Put out from a stove, let it cool , then put 3 egg one by one

For Cream:

500ml fresh milk
2 numbers of eggs
30gm custard flour
30gm corn flour
100gm Castor sugar
1teaspoon vanila essence

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  1. wahhh sedapnya kerja chef ke
    bro singgah dan follow warga BCR happy join